Compassionate, specialty care you can rely on

Comfort and dignity in homecare

OHP is the preferred service of choice when it comes to assisted living home care. We allow your loved ones to live at home in comfort and dignity by providing companionship, specialty care, nursing services, home making and personal care.

Delivering compassionate care comes easily when we put your needs first. You will feel the OHP difference the instant we step into home and our skilled nurses attend to you. 

Our deep commitment to care and comfort can be traced directly to our rich history. Ever since our establishment, the focus at OHP has always been on providing compassionate care. Each one of our members brings an inherent empathy and demonstrated eagerness to help others.

Compassionate care and comfort that puts your needs first

With our focus on compassion, care and comfort, there's a never-ending endeavour to innovate and expand  our services. At OHP, we put your needs first. This means, we listen and focus on what we can do to help you lead a life of dignity and get the best care that you deserve. Ensuring the most compassionate level of care and comfort comes easily at OHP. 

Personalized Approach:

We customize our services to suit your needs.  During the at-home intake assessment, we will discuss the structuring of services that best fit your objectives. We work longer  hours and go extra miles to make sure each one of our clients are satisfied. At every level of nursing care, we are well equipped to provide our clients with quality nursing care following all Nursing standards. 

Creating a Community:

With collaboration, service, and support, we aim to build a strong community. When we accomplish this, our patients and families can focus on important relationships and create rich memories by living each day as well as possible.

Experience Dignified Living.

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